This document shows how to setup a survey web site using python 2.7 and django 1.4. We do not need to use web server software such as IIS or Apache while python can start web server service itself. This survey web site can run under window and linux env provide that it has python. I will show its setup steps as below.

Step 1.

Download the program source code “” from web site and unzip it to a computer with python 2.7.

Step 2.

Under the django-survey-master directory, run the command $ pip install -r requirements.txt to install django.

Step 3.

Setup the survey database as command $ python syncdb , which you need to input a username and password.

Step 4.

Start the survey server as command $ python runserver ,as below screen dump:


Step 5.

Setup a survey as below screen dump with link :



Step 6.

Browse the survey web site to fill-in a survey as below link :



Bonus of a problem solving

Problem 1: The Survey web site is with link localhost:8000 and in its computer and that works fine. However, it cannot be accessed from other computer in the same network.

Solution 1: Start the Web Site Server with its own ip address, such as $ python runserver; then other computers in the same network can access it with link

Problem 2: If you have problem of running, it comes out a error message “Admin Site: TemplateDoesNotExist at /admin/ …”

Solution 2: Force to re-download django with command:

pip install -r requirements.txt --ignore-installed --force-reinstall --upgrade --no-cache-dir

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