Recently, I browsed a useful web blog about IT management, called “Capterra IT Management Blog” from link –> . It listed out three open source IT asset management software. They are useful, so I copy and share in it for your reference.

SysAid IT Asset Management


This free IT asset management solution has been around since 2002 and is available for both cloud and on-premise (Windows and Linux)


With SysAid’s asset management solution, users have access to all the standard features of licensed ITAM software, including the ability to view all software and hardware, as well as the manufacturer details of computers, printers, and other networked devices. Other benefits include automatic notifications of asset changes and the ability to create management reports.

SysAid’s IT Asset Management edition also offers a free, fully functioning IT Service Desk with ITSM capabilities for those interested.

This solution supports up to two administrators, 100 assets, and 100 end users, with an international online community for support.


Some reviews noted a lacking user-interface that may run too slow for some.

Asset Management System


This ITAM free and open source option is written in PHP and has been downloaded 77 times since its creation in early 2013.


This ITAM software solution offers a streamlined user experience with a dynamic dashboard for users to search through, add, update, and delete vendor details or categories. Users occupy two roles (lab operator and administrator), where they can add, update, delete stocks and assign any hardware or software to labs. Assets can also be assigned to others users for delegation.

This option is available for both Windows and Linux.


The last time Asset Management Software was updated was back in 2013 and there isn’t an active support community posting tickets or patches to improve potential flaws.



This free IT and asset management software uses a variety of languages, developed using PHP, and uses MySQL/MariaDB for the database, HTML for the Web pages, CSS for style sheets, and XML for report generation. In 2011, 1.2 million computers reported using this solution.


GLPI includes more than just a management system, also offering a service desk ITIL, license tracking, and software auditing. Through its asset management feature, users can collect an inventory of computers, printers, and other networked devices, as well as track equipment bookings, check equipment status, and manage contracts and documents related to inventory. GLPI can also generate reports for hardware, software, and networked items.

GLPI is also a multilingual solution, with more than 45 operating languages available.


Some reviews have noted installation difficulties, though users can also find support through the software’s forum.

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