OpenERP/Odoo provides many advantages to mid-sized companies. It is open source and can be downloaded for free. No strings attached. A growing community. Easy customization. In this video we look at why OpenERP / Odoo may be a good solution for your business.

Feature comparison between Odoo/OpenERP versions 6 and 7

The differences between OpenERP 6 and OpenERP 7 were staggering and dramatically improved usability of the software. This video goes over some of the major enhancements that came with OpenERP 7.

Importing data into Odoo / OpenERP using XML-RPC

One of the most common requirements for implementing a new ERP system is bringing in data from a variety of sources. This video shows how you can get data into OpenERP / Odoo with very little code. While this video demonstrates this for version 7 the XML-RPC interface remains the same for Odoo 8.
In each video on we always try focus on real business examples whenever possible. Videos that help you solve real problems with Odoo.

Handling product variants in OpenERP (Odoo) version 6

While product variants is built into Odoo 8, back in version 6 adding product variants required a little more effort. This video shows how product variants could be implemented in OpenERP 6.