This is a demonstration page for testing a workflow approval management system. You can test to create a workflow request yourself by the following steps:

1) login the link with username = guest and password = ;

2) Select New —> Post to create a workflow request content, and then press <<submit to workflow>> button to submit your request;

3) Select <<Test workflow>> and then save your request;

4) Select Workflows –> Workflow History to browse your request approval status.



Background of Workflow Approval Management System:

This Workflow Approval Management System is called Oasis Workflow which is a wordpress plugin system. It is designed to automate any workflow process using a simple, intuitive graphical user interface (GUI).

The plugin provides three processes:

  • Assignment – represents task related to content generation.
  • Review – represents task related to content review.
  • Publish – represents the actual “publish” task.

Visual Work flow Designer – Configure your work flow using the easy drag and drop designer interface. See screen shots for more detail.

Role-Based routing definitions allow you to assign tasks dynamically – By using role-based routing, you can ensure that your process moves forward as quickly as possible without sacrificing accountability.

Inbox – Users can view their current assignments and sign off their tasks once it’s completed.

Process history lets users retrace their steps – For auditing purposes a record is maintained of all posts that are routed through a workflow process. The process history also captures the comments added by the user when they signed off the particular task.

Reassign – How to pass the buck? – What if you have been assigned a workflow task, but you feel you are not the appropriate person to complete it? No worry, you can assign the task to another person.

Due Date and Email reminders help you to publish your articles on time.

Out of the box workflow – To get you started, the plugin comes with an out of the box workflow. You can also modify the workflow to suit your needs.

If you are looking for additional functionality, check out our “Pro” version – Oasis Workflow Pro: It comes with some additional features like,

  • Multiple Workflows – Allows you to create multiple workflows.
  • Copy Workflow and Copy Steps – Allows you to quickly create workflows by using the copy workflow/copy step functionality.
  • Auto Submit – Allows you to automatically submit to workflow(s) with certain conditions.
  • Workflow Support for Published Content – Use workflow to edit your published content while keeping the published article online.
  • And much more..

Supported languages

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German

Videos to help you get started with Oasis Workflow:

Applicable for Oasis Workflow Pro – when creating a new workflow. However, this video is helpful to understand how to modify the out of the box workflow.

More details for each feature, screenshots and documentation can be found on link –>