I have worked in in-house IT department in manufacturing field for more than ten years. I have experience on system infrastructure, application implementation as well as security. The most critical project for manufacturing industry is ERP system, which I  implemented several ERP systems such as SAP, Ms Dynamic, Kingdee K3, Ufida U8, QAD’s MFG/PRO, etc. Those systems automate the basic workflow of manufacturing management functions including material management, production planning, process control, purchasing, sales order processing, and accounting. According to my experience on ERP implementation, I have the following finding:
1) the success of system implementation is not only depending on the hardware/software, but the most important is people. It is your contribution, hardworking, and commitment making the things happened and;
2) strong teamwork with common goal is necessary – desire to realize the dream.
If you think my ERP experience can help you, you can contact me by my email address support@infotechmanagefactory.com.

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