How to migrate WordPress from CPanel to AWS EC2

If you use =&0=& to manage your server or hosting, then you know how difficult is to upgrade or configure a service, and how annoying is that WHM/CPanel annulled any customization that you need. I know this could be a nuisance and how it complicates the server administration, that’s why I propose you a better hosting option for your WordPress, Amazon Web Services (AWS). Here you’ll find the benefits of this cloud and, in general terms, how to migrate WordPress from CPanel to AWS EC2.

How to setup wordpress in Amazon EC2

Step 1: Launch an Amazon EC2 Instance Now you are in the EC2 dashboard, click Launch Instance from the dashboard to create and configure your virtual machine.

Step 2: Configure your Instance Now you’re in the Amazon EC2 configuration wizard, we will be using an existing Amazon Machine Image (AMI) from the AWS Marketplace that has WordPress already installed. The AWS Marketplace provides access to thousands of pre-configured images for common pieces of software.