ERP (MFGPro) Disaster Recovery Procedure

1.        Purpose

The objective of this plan is to provide a guideline to the organization to continue managing the business through MFGPro and to minimize the disturbance to manufacturing operations in the event that the MFGPro system is totally unavailable and cannot be recovered within 48 hours.

The service provided during the disaster recovery is of survival nature, may not extend to every user, and may require end-users to re-enter the backlog transactions at the commencement of the disaster recovery and at re-starting of the normal operation.

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Disaster Recovery Plan for MFG/PRO ERP System

1.        Definition

In this document context, ‘MFGPRO ERP System Disaster’ refers to the situation where the total system is unavailable to the users either due to hardware, network, or software problems and recovery is estimated to take more than 48 hours

‘MFGPRO Disaster Recovery’ is to offer a temporary measure/workaround solution to the organization to enable partial delivery of the processing service.

Project Plan for an EDI integration project between MFG/PRO and SAP

1         Project Plan

1.1       Executive Summary

This project is to implement EDI function between China Factory’s MFG/PRO and Hong Kong Office’s SAP. The scope includes the ordering messages, invoicing message and accounting message. The project is planned to start in Dec 2001 and target to complete in Jan 2002.