Procedure to apply Baidu Advertisement and cost of some ads keyword example

The following post descibe vey clear application procedure for apply Baidu Advertisement. Pls take a look –>

For your reference on the following which is a list of some PPC bid cost example of Keyword Advertisement:

Ads Keyword 关键词 Bid Cost$ 出价(元)
led工厂 5.0
led生产 5.0
led封装 5.0
led factory 5.0
led manufacturer 5.0
led company 5.0
led天花射灯 5.0
led路轨灯 5.0
led 灯泡 5.0
led灯盘 5.0
led downlight 5.0
led光管 5.0
led lamp 5.0
led panel light 5.0
led commercial lighting 5.0
led office lighting 5.0
led tube 5.0

Cost of Online Advertisement on Baidu & Google

Recently, I studied the online advertisement by using Baidu and Google for company promotion. I found one of Baidu authorized agent and I got their costing information as below for your reference.

For Baidu, the account opening fee is  RMB 7,250 (including RMB 5,000 minimum advertising fee + 15% management fee + RMB 900 annual account fee + RMB 600 set-up fee). Once the account is created, we can promote by Baidu’s keyword search and banner networks.

For Google, the management fee is HKD200, excluding PPC advertisement cost which is depend on customer’s decision on their budget.

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Security Awareness for email & Internet usage

General Rules of using email from Corp IT policy:

l  There should be a clear business objective and need to send a mass mail.

l  The target group should be carefully selected so that the mail is relevant to all or most of the people receiving it.

l  Don’t spend spam: such as advertising or anything that can be considered as junk mail.

Guideline for use of IT infrastructure


  • Never give your password to anyone else.
  • Lock desktop or log out of network if leaving your desk for longer periods (e.g. meetings, lunch).
  • Do not leave your notebook unattended, particularly after office hours.
  • Never connect a third party to the network, do not dial in with a PC connected to the Company network.
  • Do not use your company notebook at home for dialing into a local Internet provider.
  • Restrict use of local administrator rights on desktops/notebooks.
  • Confidential or secret information must be sent in messages specifically marked as “confidential” or “secret” Notes feature.

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