WatchGuard Firewall 515 Setup – Screen Dump Example

Recently, I purchased a WatchGuard XTM515 Firewall for our company usage. Its price is lower than CISCO and Juniper, but higher than Zyxel and Huawei. So far, WatchGuard is very stable and easy to use. I configured it as the following screen dump for your reference. As a conclusion, I will recommend WatchGuard XTM515 Firewall you.

My Network Port Connection:

  1. Port # 0  for management console
  2. Port # 1  for internal network LAN connection
  3. Port # 5 & 6 for external broadband WAN connection

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  1. 前言


  1. 现时的防火墙问题


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IT人在工廠日記 – 防火墙问题

大约於十月中开始,我公司的防火墙设备运作不稳定,连接外网经常断线,影响员工的上网,可是重启防火墙後便回复正常。以前每个月需要重启防火墙一至二次,现时每天也有机会需要重启,这可能是因为防火墙设备老化所至,而搜索过大部份网上论坛的评语,发现我使用的 Zyxel 防火墙设备的质素和评价差劲,一般只能正常运作三年,而我的 Zyxel 防火墙亦已使用了三年多,所以是时间更换了。

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Deploying Content Filtering to Manage Employee Browsing Behavior using Zywall USG 300 Firewall Device

  1. Introduction

In an enterprise network, there are various types of traffic. But most of the company’s Internet bandwidth is limited. All traffic will contend for it and may result in some important traffic, such as traffic getting slow or even starved. Therefore, intelligent bandwidth management for improved productivity becomes a matter of high concern for network administrators. To protect our network security, I am now using a Zywall USG 300 Firewall because its price is good and its performance is acceptable. I summarize its configuration in this document for your reference.

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