django CMS is a modern web publishing platform built with Django, the web application framework “for perfectionists with deadlines”. Django CMS offers out-of-the-box support for the common features you’d expect from a CMS, but can also be easily customised and extended by developers to create a site that is tailored to their precise needs. The following will show you how step by step of Django CMS installation, and also with screen dump examples.

Installation Steps

start a virtual environment under Raspberry Pi
1.  sudo pip install virtualenv
2.  virtualenv env
3.  sourse env/bin/activate

Install Djangocms-Installer and create a project
1.  pip install djangocms-installer
2.  djangocms -p project project
Use default value for most questions
select lang = en, fr, de
Use default username : pi   then input your password

Start CMS Application
1.  cd project
j2.  python runserver
3.  You can browse the CMS web site via link

Select a CMS template from Start Bootstrap
1.   –> download
2.  copy css, font-awesome, fonts, js directories from download to project/project/static
3.  copy full-width.html to project/project/templates directory
4.  Edit line in

## Customize this
(‘fullwidth.html’, ‘Fullwidth’),
(‘sidebar_left.html’, ‘Sidebar Left’),     –> Delete
(‘sidebar_right.html’, ‘Sidebar Right’)    –> Delete

5.  Delete    ./templates/sidebar_left.html      sidebar_right.html

6.  Edit the full-width.html file as below:

{% load cms_tags menu_tags sekizai_tags staticfiles %}
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang=”{{ LANGUAGE_CODE }}”>


<meta charset=”utf-8″>
<meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=edge”>
<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1″>
<meta name=”description” content=”{% page_attribute ‘meta_description’ %}”>
<meta name=”author” content=””>

<title>{% page_attribute ‘page_title’ %}CMS</title>

<!– Bootstrap Core CSS –>
<link href=”{% static “css/bootstrap.min.css” %}” rel=”stylesheet”>

<!– Custom CSS –>
<link href=”{% static “css/modern-business.css” %}” rel=”stylesheet”>

<!– Custom Fonts –>
<link href=”{% static “font-awesome/css/font-awesome.min.css” %}” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css”>

{% render_block “css” %}

{% cms_toolbar %}
<!– Navigation –>

{% show_menu 0 100 100 100 %}     and delete lines as below:
<div class=”collapse navbar-collapse” id=”bs-example-navbar-collapse-1″>
<ul class=”nav navbar-nav navbar-right”>
{% show_menu 0 100 100 100 %}
<!– /.navbar-collapse –>

<!– jQuery –>
<script src=”{% static “js/jquery.js” %}”></script>

<!– Bootstrap Core JavaScript –>
<script src=”{% static “js/bootstrap.min.js” %}”></script>
<% render_block “js” %}

Change the line         <a class=”navbar-brand” href=”index.html”>Start Bootstrap</a>
To                      <a class=”navbar-brand” href=”/”>New CMS Name</a>

7.  Rename   base.html    to base-bak.html
Rename   full-width.html   base.html

8.  Restart the server and test.

Screen Dump of Installation

pi@gopi1:~ $ pip install virtualenv
pi@gopi1:~ $ virtualenv env
New python executable in /home/pi/env/bin/python
Installing setuptools, pip, wheel…done.
pi@gopi1:~ $ source env/bin/activate
(env) pi@gopi1:~ $ pip install djangocms-installer
Collecting djangocms-installer
Downloading djangocms_installer-0.8.8-py2.py3-none-any.whl (56kB)
100% |████████████████████████████████| 61kB 714kB/s
Requirement already satisfied (use –upgrade to upgrade): argparse in /usr/lib/python2.7 (from djangocms-installer)
Collecting dj-database-url>=0.4 (from djangocms-installer)
Collecting six (from djangocms-installer)
Using cached six-1.10.0-py2.py3-none-any.whl
Requirement already satisfied (use –upgrade to upgrade): pip in ./env/lib/python2.7/site-packages (from djangocms-installer)
Collecting tzlocal (from djangocms-installer)
Collecting pytz (from tzlocal->djangocms-installer)
Using cached pytz-2016.4-py2.py3-none-any.whl
Installing collected packages: dj-database-url, six, pytz, tzlocal, djangocms-installer
Successfully installed dj-database-url-0.4.1 djangocms-installer-0.8.8 pytz-2016.4 six-1.10.0 tzlocal-1.2.2
(env) pi@gopi1:~ $ djangocms -p project project
Database configuration (in URL format) [default sqlite://localhost/project.db]:
django CMS version (choices: 2.4, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, stable, develop) [default stable]:
Django version (choices: 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, stable) [default stable]:
Activate Django I18N / L10N setting; this is automatically activated if more than language is provided (choices: yes, no) [default yes]:
Install and configure reversion support (choices: yes, no) [default yes]:
Languages to enable. Option can be provided multiple times, or as a comma separated list. Only language codes supported by Django can be used here: en, fr
Optional default time zone [default Asia/Hong_Kong]:
Activate Django timezone support (choices: yes, no) [default yes]:
Activate CMS permission management (choices: yes, no) [default yes]:
Use Twitter Bootstrap Theme (choices: yes, no) [default no]:
Use custom template set [default no]:
Load a starting page with examples after installation (english language only). Choose “no” if you use a custom template set. (choices: yes, no) [default no]:
Creating the project
Please wait while I install dependencies
Dependencies installed
Creating the project

Operations to perform:
Synchronize unmigrated apps: project, staticfiles, messages, djangocms_admin_style, sitemaps, sekizai, treebeard
Apply all migrations: djangocms_file, reversion, djangocms_inherit, sessions, admin, djangocms_column, djangocms_text_ckeditor, sites, auth, djangocms_video, menus, contenttypes, djangocms_picture, djangocms_googlemap, djangocms_style, djangocms_link, cms, djangocms_teaser
Synchronizing apps without migrations:
Creating tables…
Running deferred SQL…
Installing custom SQL…
Running migrations:
Rendering model states… DONE
Applying contenttypes.0001_initial… OK
Applying auth.0001_initial… OK
Applying admin.0001_initial… OK
Applying contenttypes.0002_remove_content_type_name… OK
Applying auth.0002_alter_permission_name_max_length… OK
Applying auth.0003_alter_user_email_max_length… OK
Applying auth.0004_alter_user_username_opts… OK
Applying auth.0005_alter_user_last_login_null… OK
Applying auth.0006_require_contenttypes_0002… OK
Applying sites.0001_initial… OK
Applying cms.0001_initial… OK
Applying cms.0002_auto_20140816_1918… OK
Applying cms.0003_auto_20140926_2347… OK
Applying cms.0004_auto_20140924_1038… OK
Applying cms.0005_auto_20140924_1039… OK
Applying cms.0006_auto_20140924_1110… OK
Applying cms.0007_auto_20141028_1559… OK
Applying cms.0008_auto_20150208_2149… OK
Applying cms.0008_auto_20150121_0059… OK
Applying cms.0009_merge… OK
Applying cms.0010_migrate_use_structure… OK
Applying cms.0011_auto_20150419_1006… OK
Applying cms.0012_auto_20150607_2207… OK
Applying cms.0013_urlconfrevision… OK
Applying cms.0014_auto_20160404_1908… OK
Applying djangocms_column.0001_initial… OK
Applying djangocms_file.0001_initial… OK
Applying djangocms_file.0002_auto_20151202_1551… OK
Applying djangocms_file.0003_remove_related_name_for_cmsplugin_ptr… OK
Applying djangocms_file.0004_set_related_name_for_cmsplugin_ptr… OK
Applying djangocms_googlemap.0001_initial… OK
Applying djangocms_inherit.0001_initial… OK
Applying djangocms_inherit.0002_auto_20150622_1244… OK
Applying djangocms_link.0001_initial… OK
Applying djangocms_link.0002_auto_20140929_1705… OK
Applying djangocms_link.0003_auto_20150212_1310… OK
Applying djangocms_link.0004_auto_20150708_1133… OK
Applying djangocms_link.0005_auto_20151003_1710… OK
Applying djangocms_link.0006_remove_related_name_for_cmsplugin_ptr… OK
Applying djangocms_link.0007_set_related_name_for_cmsplugin_ptr… OK
Applying djangocms_picture.0001_initial… OK
Applying djangocms_picture.0002_auto_20151018_1927… OK
Applying djangocms_style.0001_initial… OK
Applying djangocms_style.0002_set_related_name_for_cmsplugin_ptr… OK
Applying djangocms_teaser.0001_initial… OK
Applying djangocms_text_ckeditor.0001_initial… OK
Applying djangocms_text_ckeditor.0002_remove_related_name_for_cmsplugin_ptr… OK
Applying djangocms_text_ckeditor.0003_set_related_name_for_cmsplugin_ptr… OK
Applying djangocms_video.0001_initial… OK
Applying djangocms_video.0002_set_related_name_for_cmsplugin_ptr… OK
Applying menus.0001_initial… OK
Applying reversion.0001_initial… OK
Applying reversion.0002_auto_20141216_1509… OK
Applying sessions.0001_initial… OK
Creating admin user
Username (leave blank to use ‘pi’):
Email address:
Password (again):
Superuser created successfully.
All done!
Get into “/home/pi/cmsproj” directory and type “python runserver” to start your project
(env) pi@gopi1:~ $ cd project
(env) pi@gopi1:~/project $ ls  media  project  project.db  requirements.txt  static
(env) pi@gopi1:~/project $ python runserver
Performing system checks…

System check identified no issues (0 silenced).
May 08, 2016 – 15:05:32
Django version 1.8.13, using settings ‘project.settings’
Starting development server at
Quit the server with CONTROL-C.
New revision!!!! RELOAD!
28495694-7c4f-409e-9605-c499bf16e97a (<type ‘str’>)
-> None (<type ‘NoneType’>)
reverse(‘my_test_app_view’): Reverse for ‘my_test_app_view’ with arguments ‘()’ and keyword arguments ‘{}’ not found. 0 pattern(s) tried: []
reverse(‘my_test_app_view’): Reverse for ‘my_test_app_view’ with arguments ‘()’ and keyword arguments ‘{}’ not found. 0 pattern(s) tried: []
[08/May/2016 15:05:33] “GET /admin/ HTTP/1.1″ 302 0
[08/May/2016 15:05:34] “GET /en/admin/ HTTP/1.1″ 302 0
[08/May/2016 15:05:35] “GET /en/admin/login/?next=/en/admin/ HTTP/1.1″ 200 3107
[08/May/2016 15:05:35] “GET /admin/ HTTP/1.1″ 302 0
[08/May/2016 15:05:35] “GET /en/admin/ HTTP/1.1″ 302 0
[08/May/2016 15:05:35] “GET /en/admin/login/?next=/en/admin/ HTTP/1.1″ 200 3107
[08/May/2016 15:05:36] “GET /static/admin/css/base.css HTTP/1.1″ 200 14049
[08/May/2016 15:05:36] “GET /static/admin/css/base.css HTTP/1.1″ 200 14049
[08/May/2016 15:05:36] “GET /static/admin/css/login.css HTTP/1.1″ 200 940
[08/May/2016 15:05:36] “GET /static/djangocms_admin_style/js/jquery.ui.touch-punch.min.js HTTP/1.1″ 200 0
[08/May/2016 15:05:36] “GET /static/djangocms_admin_style/css/djangocms-admin.css HTTP/1.1″ 200 151181
[08/May/2016 15:05:36] “GET /static/djangocms_admin_style/js/base-admin.js HTTP/1.1″ 200 2910
[08/May/2016 15:05:36] “GET /static/djangocms_admin_style/js/drag-touch-support.js HTTP/1.1″ 200 1200
[08/May/2016 15:05:36] “GET /static/admin/css/login.css HTTP/1.1″ 200 940
[08/May/2016 15:05:37] “GET /static/djangocms_admin_style/fonts/django-admin-iconfont.woff?v=3.2.0 HTTP/1.1″ 200 10612
[08/May/2016 15:07:16] “POST /en/admin/login/?next=/en/admin/ HTTP/1.1″ 302 0
[08/May/2016 15:07:17] “GET /en/admin/ HTTP/1.1″ 200 7525
[08/May/2016 15:07:17] “GET /static/admin/css/base.css HTTP/1.1″ 304 0
[08/May/2016 15:07:17] “GET /static/admin/css/dashboard.css HTTP/1.1″ 200 434
[08/May/2016 15:07:17] “GET /static/admin/css/dashboard.css HTTP/1.1″ 200 434
[08/May/2016 15:07:17] “GET /static/djangocms_admin_style/css/djangocms-admin.css HTTP/1.1″ 304 0
[08/May/2016 15:07:17] “GET /static/djangocms_admin_style/js/base-admin.js HTTP/1.1″ 304 0
[08/May/2016 15:07:17] “GET /static/djangocms_admin_style/js/drag-touch-support.js HTTP/1.1″ 304 0
[08/May/2016 15:07:17] “GET /static/djangocms_admin_style/js/jquery.ui.touch-punch.min.js HTTP/1.1″ 304 0
[08/May/2016 15:07:17] “GET /static/djangocms_admin_style/img/icon_arrow_right.png HTTP/1.1″ 200 15812
^C(env) pi@gopi1:~/project $ ls  media  project  project.db  requirements.txt  static
(env) pi@gopi1:~/project $ cd project
(env) pi@gopi1:~/project/project $ ls   static
__init__.pyc  settings.pyc  templates  urls.pyc  wsgi.pyc
(env) pi@gopi1:~/projectj/project $ cd /home/allusers/startboot*
(env) pi@gopi1:/home/allusers/startbootstrap-modern-business-1.0.5 $ ls
404.html          contact.html     index.html            portfolio-4-col.html
about.html        css              js                    portfolio-item.html
bin               faq.html         LICENSE               pricing.html
blog-home-1.html  font-awesome     portfolio-1-col.html
blog-home-2.html  fonts            portfolio-2-col.html  services.html
blog-post.html    full-width.html  portfolio-3-col.html  sidebar.html
(env) pi@gopi1:/home/allusers/startbootstrap-modern-business-1.0.5 $ cp -r css /home/pi/project/project/static
(env) pi@gopi1:/home/allusers/startbootstrap-modern-business-1.0.5 $ cp -r font-awesome /home/pi/project/project/static
(env) pi@gopi1:/home/allusers/startbootstrap-modern-business-1.0.5 $ cp -r fonts /home/pi/project/project/static
(env) pi@gopi1:/home/allusers/startbootstrap-modern-business-1.0.5 $ cp -r js /home/pi/project/project/static
(env) pi@gopi1:/home/allusers/startbootstrap-modern-business-1.0.5 $ cp full-width.html /home/pi/project/project/templates
(env) pi@gopi1:/home/allusers/startbootstrap-modern-business-1.0.5 $ cd /home/pi/project/project/templates
(env) pi@gopi1:~/project/project/templates $ ls
base.html        fullwidth.html     sidebar_right.html
full-width.html  sidebar_left.html
(env) pi@gopi1:~/project/project/templates $ ls -l
total 24
-rw-r–r– 1 pi pi 1122 May  8 15:01 base.html
-rwxr-xr-x 1 pi pi 6589 May  8 15:13 full-width.html
-rw-r–r– 1 pi pi  191 May  8 15:01 fullwidth.html
-rw-r–r– 1 pi pi  308 May  8 15:01 sidebar_left.html
-rw-r–r– 1 pi pi  308 May  8 15:01 sidebar_right.html
(env) pi@gopi1:~/project/project/templates $ vi full-width.html
(env) pi@gopi1:~/project/project/templates $ mv base.html base-bak.html
(env) pi@gopi1:~/project/project/templates $ mv full-width.html base.html
(env) pi@gopi1:~/project/project/templates $ cd ..
(env) pi@gopi1:~/project/project $ ls   static
__init__.pyc  settings.pyc  templates  urls.pyc  wsgi.pyc
(env) pi@gopi1:~/project/project $ vi
(env) pi@gopi1:~/project/project $ cd templates
(env) pi@gopi1:~/project/project/templates $ ls
base-bak.html  base.html  fullwidth.html  sidebar_left.html  sidebar_right.html
(env) pi@gopi1:~/project/project/templates $ vi fullwidth.html
(env) pi@gopi1:~/project/project/templates $ cd ..
(env) pi@gopi1:~/project/project $ cd ..
(env) pi@gopi1:~/project $ python runserver
Performing system checks…

System check identified no issues (0 silenced).
May 08, 2016 – 15:33:06
Django version 1.8.13, using settings ‘project.settings’
Starting development server at
Quit the server with CONTROL-C.

Screen Dump Result

After succeeded installation, you can browse the django CMS via link as below screen  dump results.

djangocms1 djangocms2 djangocms3 djangocms4



If you make any change, you can run the following command:

python makemigrations

python migrate

Useful Add-On Plug-in:

pip install aldryn-style

pip uninstall djangocms-style

pip install aldryn-bootstrap3

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