Define server room access procedure to have proper procedure for anyone.  Server room is the place to host all our business critical and confidential information.  This is applied to server rooms in all company sites. 


Infrastructure team of the company is the only team can access to server room to maintain system operation.  Any service provider needs to access server room has to schedule with Infrastructure team and get approval in advance.  Escort will be arranged with team member within server room.  All parties have to follow this procedure.

Authorized Person List

Department       Name                        Access Server Room


Infrastructure Operation – Server Room Access Procedure


Workers coming to perform tasks such as maintenance, repair, construction, machine installation or inspection at the aforementioned sites, are required to comply with the regulations below to ensure safety and security requirements.

  1. Arriving at Server Rooms

1.1     Present proper identification and relevant documents to proof their identity and that the access and works are authorized; they must register the date, time, name and visit purpose in the Server Room Access logbook.

1.2     Wear identity badges (visitor) issued by site security control staff.

1.3     Co-operate with IT personnel and follow all of their instructions.

2.     Working in Server Rooms

2.1       Workers must not

2.1.1        abuse or misuse any systems belonging IT and company users.

2.1.2        use or interfere with any assets and equipments.

2.1.3        harass anyone.

2.1.4        engage in or assisting any illegal activities.

2.1.5        store any paper stocks or inflammable materials (such as papers), with the exception of manufacturers manuals.

2.1.6        open entrances or allow other people to enter the server rooms.

2.1.7      loitering or entering area other than server rooms without permission.

2.1.8     drink alcoholic beverages, smoking or lighting fire.

2.1.9       taking photos, recording sound or video.

2.1.10  operate any electromagnetic devices that may interfere with equipment in company premises.

2.1.11   use any malicious software, trojan code, computer virus or illegal software.

2.1.12 use modems or other devices capable of accessing network or systems without permission.

2.2       Keep the place clean.  Neither eating nor drink is allowed in Server Rooms.  If required, workers must notify IT personnel first and have meals or drinks at designated areas.

2.3   Must not bring in any illegal or dangerous goods, such as radioactive substances, explosives, dangerous chemicals, inflammable goods or materials.