Recently, I upgraded my MYOB accounting system from v10 to v13 mult-user version. Unluckily, I met problem on the new v13 system, as error screen in below diagram.



Step 1. Open MYOB system and select (Command Centre) [控制中心] ;

Step 2. Select (File) [檔案]  –> (Optimise Company File) [資料檔完善化] ;Press (OK) [確定] to continue。

Step 3. The following screen will pop-up as complete。


Note: You have better run this procedure using window 7 or 8 computer.

Evening though succeeded to optimise the MYOB system, MYOB is not quite stable sometimes, as running under network environment. I think it is because of its software quality. Single-user stand-alone version of MYOB is quite stable system and good to use, however, I do not suggest to implement multi-users version of MYOB.