Recently, I studied the online advertisement by using Baidu and Google for company promotion. I found one of Baidu authorized agent and I got their costing information as below for your reference.

For Baidu, the account opening fee is  RMB 7,250 (including RMB 5,000 minimum advertising fee + 15% management fee + RMB 900 annual account fee + RMB 600 set-up fee). Once the account is created, we can promote by Baidu’s keyword search and banner networks.

For Google, the management fee is HKD200, excluding PPC advertisement cost which is depend on customer’s decision on their budget.

Management Services includes:

  • Account login provided with technical support
  • Time scheduler & Monitoring the ads position (Left hand side / First page)
  • Monthly report: Impression, Clicks, CTR%, Avg ranking
  • Keywords proposal (Upon request)
  • Uploading and updating marketing materials (Upon request)

I think it is worth to spend money on online advertisement in order to build-up company image via internet.