Installation of an Open Source Prometeo-ERP System


Although Prometeo-ERP System was a phase-out project for any further development, its follow-up project was Django-ERP. However, Django-ERP is still under development, Its function is not ready, and most features are not ready for public use at this moment. Then, I step back to continue to test Prometeo-ERP System. Prometeo-ERP has already provide many useful features, its public release free version had the following features:

  • Authentication & row-level permission system
  • Notification system
  • Custom widgets & dashboards
  • Taxonomy system
  • File browsing
  • Event calendar
  • User tasks & timesheets
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Products management
  • Stock management
  • Human resources management
  • Sales management
  • Project management
  • Knowledge management
  • DMS (Document Management System)

I installed the Prometeo-ERP system to my Raspberry Pi machine, i.e. free OS, free program tools, free application tools, … Great. It is still worth to study it, and I will show the installation installation in the following

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选购HR人事管理系统 – 比较东宝和同享两套系统

最近,本人需要为公司选购新的人事管理系统,研究过东宝和同享两套系统後,有以下几点的比较 :

1. 东宝HR人事系统比同享人事系统贵很多,相同功能,价格是十多万与八万元之比,另外,东宝不给予老客户特别折扣,可说是无价格上的弹性和优惠。