Wanna Cry 勒索病毒


香港微軟官方最新消息 (13/5 11:59pm)

Microsoft掌握到這個勒索軟件 “WannaCrypt” 和網路攻擊已經影響數個區域的不同行業。我們的安全團隊已迅速採取行動來保護我們的客戶,並已經增修最新偵測與防護功能以避免新的勒索軟件威脅(例如: 知名病毒軟件:Win32.WannaCrypt.) 。

今年3月份,我們已經發布了一個安全更新 (security updates),堵塞了這些攻擊所利用的漏洞。啟用Windows Update的用戶可以防止對此漏洞的攻擊。對於尚未應用安全更新的組織,我們建議您立即部署Microsoft安全公告MS17-010。對於已經安裝我們免費提供的防毒軟件,對該勒索軟件應可以有效偵測並清除,我們強烈建議用戶執行Windows Update 並持續更新,以降低被惡意攻擊的風險。

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URL block List for a China Company

1.  Introduction

To protect company network from malware, worm, virus, spam, etc in suspected malicious web sites, we need to define an URL block list (in next section), and setup to restrict those URLs in our network Firewall. This post will list out those suspected URLs, and we will submit this document to management review and approve.

2. URL Block List

2.1 Sports

2.1.1      General Suspected URL:

2.1.2 China Suspected URL:




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Open Source IT Configuration Management Tools

Open source configuration management tools make managing servers at scale easier, less time-consuming and more repeatable.

Configuration management tools provide automation, cloud orchestration, and remote management and execution that give IT greater control over its entire infrastructure. Beyond standardizing configuration on servers, the tools can install and maintain packages, upgrade or deploy new servers and manage a cloud infrastructure.

Without configuration management tools, IT administrators would manually deploy each VM needed in an OpenStack, Amazon Web Services, VMware ESXi or other environment. Instead of logging into each server to manually patch it, a systems administrator can remotely patch thousands of servers at the same time. The same goes for removing a user from servers.

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Open Source IT Asset Management Software

Recently, I browsed a useful web blog about IT management, called “Capterra IT Management Blog” from link –> http://blog.capterra.com/the-top-3-free-and-open-source-itam-software-solutions/ . It listed out three open source IT asset management software. They are useful, so I copy and share in it for your reference.

SysAid IT Asset Management

This free IT asset management solution has been around since 2002 and is available for both cloud and on-premise (Windows and Linux)


With SysAid’s asset management solution, users have access to all the standard features of licensed ITAM software, including the ability to view all software and hardware, as well as the manufacturer details of computers, printers, and other networked devices. Other benefits include automatic notifications of asset changes and the ability to create management reports.

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网络安全稽核工作(Network Security Auditing Work)



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Conduct a Range of ip Network Address Ping using Python


I would like to conduct a range of ip network address ping using python 3.5 script. It is easy. I will show you the python script and its screen dump result as below.

Python program script

# network ping program run for python3
# Import modules
import subprocess
import ipaddress

# Prompt the user to input a network address
net_addr = input(“Enter a network address in CIDR format(ex. “)

# Create the network
ip_net = ipaddress.ip_network(net_addr)

# Get all hosts on that network
all_hosts = list(ip_net.hosts())

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Video Conference Device Comparsion between Polycom Vs Tandberg

Bandwidth Optimization – Polycom can send 720HD at lower speeds but Tandberg can send more than CIF\4CIF\720\1080, which I’ll take that over the lower HD speeds any day.
Central Admin – Tandbery is great for admin (if you have several hundred end-point, you definitely choose Tandbery. Polycom was beta and their provisioning wasn’t ready yet.
End User Usability – This is real close and I give favor to Polycom.
Reliability/Maintenance – I once had some one tell me Polycom is like Mircosoft and Tandberg is like Cisco. Polycom looks good but has bugs while Tandberg might not be as flashy but is rock solid. I’d pick Tandberg.
Cost – if you could compare apples to apples they’d be close but looking at just the bottom line Polycom is the winner.

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Network Monitoring Software Review

Networks are becoming critical components of business success – irrespective of
whether you are small or BIG. When network fails, customers and employees cannot
communicate, employees cannot access critical information or use basic print or email
services, resulting in productivity loss and revenue loss. Network monitoring software
tools reduce network outages and allow businesses to operate more fluently, cut costs,
and prevent revenue loss. And for those who are small and are not allowed to think of a
budget for network monitoring software, a better alternative is to start with open source
and freeware network monitoring software that reduce the time and money spent on
network administration and management. This paper talks about the top freeware and
open source network monitoring software available today.

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