Agenda of FDA Inspection

Recently, FDA conducted audit to my company. FDA is known as Food and Drug Administration whereas US has FDA organization and China also has CFDA organization. Its official web site is

I would like to post their 3 days inspection agenda for your reference. To pass FDA audit is essential for export medical product; let’s well prepare for it.

Day 1
·         Introduction
·         Opening meeting.
·         Introduction/Presentation
·         Plant Overview (Warehouse, Manufacturing and Quality control areas).
·         Tour on facilities.
·         Quality Manual.
·         Company Organization Chart.
·         Document Control / Records.
·         Change Control of Documents
·         Human Resources (job description, hiring, training).
·         Quality System Management Review.
Day 2
·         Daily wrap up.
·         Environment Control (Clean rooms, ESD and other applicable).
·         Design Control / History File.
·         Risk Management.
·         Device Master Record (DMR).
·         Change Control of Projects.
·         CAPA.
·         Complaint Handling.
·         Field Actions / Recall.
·         Incoming Inspections.
·         Purchasing / Incoming Goods/Warehouse Activities.
Day 3
·         Daily wrap up.
·         Device History Record (DHR).
·         Internal Audits.
·         Validation Activities.
·         Non Conforming Product.
·         Quality control (in process and final inspections).
·         Packaging / labeling.
·         Handling / Distribution/ Shipping.
·         Final Release.
·         Identification and Traceability.
Day 4
·         Daily wrap up.
·         Calibration / Maintenance program.
·         Field service/Technical assistance.
·         Decontamination / Returned Products.
·         Housekeeping (Cleaning, pest control, building maintenance).
·         Statistical Techniques.
·         Pending Points.
·         Inspector’s findings Discussion.
·         Closing meeting.

HK-Shenzhen tech park in Lok Ma Chau Loop

Charles Mok e-Bulletin

The government announced this week that it will partner with Shenzhen to develop Lok Ma Chau loop into a innovation and technology park. While I agree that more land supply for R&D is positive, given the huge investment in infrastructure that our taxpayers will pay for, we have the responsibility to ask the right questions to make sure Hong Kong will get value for the deal and generate positive impact, not rely on empty promises — granting entry permit waiver for “verified” Shenzhen workers, criteria and requirements to the tenants in the park, strategic role that this massive project carries in relation to other planned R&D land use at new development areas in the New Territories.

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Hong Kong Tech Voucher now open for application

SMEs which operate in Hong Kong for at least one year can now apply to the Tech Voucher Programme (TVP). Subsidy up to $200,000 will be provided on a 2:1 matching basis. Funding areas under the voucher programme include: technology consultancy; purchase, rental or subscription of customised equipment or hardware, software and technological services or solutions.

Check out our info kit here and the official guidance note to know more about the TVP. I will closely monitor the implementation of the voucher programme and identify the areas for improvement. You are welcomed to write to me about any issues you see in the TVP.

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How to protect you against Android phone loss/theft

How to protect you against Android phone loss/theft

(1) At Android smartphone
1. Select “Settings” icon, then “Location and security”
2. Select “Device administration”
3. Enable “Android Device Manager”
(2) At PC
1. Go to
2. Login your Android related Gmail account
3. Now you can LOCATE, RING or LOCK your phone or ERASE your phone’s data in case of theft or loss.


由即日起,香港中旅社為應付港人於中國內地遺失回鄉卡/證的情況,現可替港人即日辦妥出境證件(即臨時入出境通行證)。 因此,如在內地失卡,必須於當日下午3:30前到羅湖補卡中心代辦補領手續一般來說,可即日領取臨時入出境通行證返港,免遭滯留內地。如於當日黃昏及/或晚上才到羅湖補卡中心代辦補領手續則可於第二天中午12:30前領取臨時入出境通行證返港。
地址:羅湖中旅社補領中心 ─ 連廊2樓C4室 (即羅湖商業城對面)
查詢電話 : 852-2334-8833 或 86-755-8234-7136
費用:人民幣230-250元(如能提供證件相片2張,費用為人民幣 230元,否則需支付人民幣250元)
補領手續及時間由中旅社作最後的決定。返港後 , 必須到香港的中旅社辦理補領回鄉卡的手續。
中旅社亦提醒市民到內地前應影印身份證、回鄉卡及護照。如對以上有任何問題, 請致電 852-2334-8833 或 86-755-8234-7136作出查詢。

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Refresh to display a web page using Python

Python Program Example 1.

If you’re going to need a refresh on the same tab, you’ll need selenium webdriver. After installing selenium using pip, you can use the following code:

from selenium import webdriver
from selenium.webdriver.common.keys import Keys
import time
driver = webdriver.Firefox()
while True:

If you are browsing a static page, you can pass a parameter in it and run, for example passing "pycon" to search as below script:

from selenium import webdriver
from selenium.webdriver.common.keys import Keys
driver = webdriver.Firefox()
assert "Python" in driver.title
elem = driver.find_element_by_name("q")
assert "No results found." not in driver.page_source

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What is "China Manufacturing 2025" ?

Industry 4.0是实体物理世界与虚拟网络世界融合的时代。但德国业界对Industry 4.0的响应者却不多,原因之一是所谓的虚拟网络-实体物理系统(Cyber-Physical System,CPS)融合的主要思想,美国早在若干年前就已提出。未来 10 年,基于信息物理系统(Cyber-PhysicalSystem,CPS)的智能化,将使人类步入以智能制造为主导的第四次工业革命。产品全生命周期、全制造流程数字化以及基于信息通信技术的模块集成,将形成一种高度灵活、个性化、数字化的产品与服务新生产模式。

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What is Industry 4.0 ?

Industry 4.0 – What’s That About?
By John Donovan for Mouser Electronics

First we had inflection points; then paradigm shifts were all the rage. Now we are hearing about a new Industrial Revolution – Industry 4.0. According to its proponents it is a new method of production that is creating a fourth Industrial Revolution. Really? What’s that about?

To back up a bit – actually about 250 years – James Watt’s improvements to the Newcomen steam engine in the late 18th century kick started the First Industrial Revolution. Watt did not invent the steam engine, but his numerous innovations increased the productivity of the textile industry by three orders of magnitude. Mechanized factories had arrived.

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Reference Info/Link for Python's Django Development

A great document for more complex installations—those that host multiple Django Web sites (projects) using only one instance of Apache—can be found at –> -> search for ‘Django’

You can find out more about some of the possible Web server arrangements at –>

More about Django and database installation at –>

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