Tips on using Microsoft Azure

Tips 1. How to find password of wordpress logon

  • The default user account of wordpress in Azure is ‘user’.
  • The application password is randomly generated during the first boot. This password can be viewed as follows:

    In the “Support + Troubleshooting” menu, select the “Boot diagnostics” option.

    Review the system log until you find the application password.

    IMPORTANT: This password is only shown the first time you start the image. Please save your password in a safe place. We also recommend changing it in your application to a different value.

    Tips 1. How to Setup Nested Virtualization in Azure

    Deploy Azure VM

    To setup Nested Virtualization inside an Azure Virtual Machine, you first need to create a new Virtual Machines using one of the new instance sizes like Ev3 or Dv3 and Windows Server 2016.I also recommend to install all the latest Windows Server patches to the system.

    Optional: Optimize Azure VM Storage

    This step is optional, but if you want to better performance and more storage for your Nested Virtual Machines to run on, this makes sense.

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Procedure to migration Exchange Server Email to Office365

The main steps you perform for a cutover migration are shown in the following illustration.

  1. The administrator communicates upcoming changes to users and verifies domain ownership with the domain registrar.
  2. The administrator prepares the servers for a cutover migration and creates empty mail-enabled security groups in Office 365.
  3. The administrator connects Office 365 to the on-premises email system (this is called creating a migration endpoint).
  4. The administrator migrates the mailboxes and then verifies the migration.
  5. Grant Office 365 licences to your users.
  6. The administrator configures the domain to begin routing email directly to Office 365.
  7. The administrator verifies that routing has changed, and then deletes the cutover migration batch.
  8. The administrator completes post-migration tasks in Office 365 (assigns licenses to users and creates an Autodiscover Domain Name System (DNS) record), and optionally decommissions the on-premises Exchange servers.
  9. The administrator sends a welcome letter to users to tell them about Office 365 and to describe how to sign in to their new mailboxes.

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Preparation for Microsoft Azure Solution Exam 70-532

Exam Target Audience

One of the recent hot IT topic is cloud technology. Microsoft and Amaze are two most active providers for cloud service. Microsoft’s Azure solution is very popular now. Learning Azure and obtain its cert will be very useful. The 70-532 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions exam is targeted towards a Developer candidate. Candidates who are experienced in designing, programming, implementing, automating, and monitoring Microsoft Azure solutions. Candidates are also proficient with development tools, techniques, and approaches used to build scalable and resilient solutions.If you’re an experienced .NET developer, then you’ll likely have an easier time preparing for this exam. As a result, the exam will assume you are proficient with development tools, techniques and have experience developing scalable and resilient solutions.

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Diary of IT Man - Got a MCSA Windows Server 2016 Certification

Cheers that I got a MCSA Windows Server 2016 certification which I passed the exam in one take yesterday. I just needed to take one Microsoft exam # 70-743 to upgrade my MCITP window server 2008 to MCSA. If anyone want to get info to pass the 70-743, feel free to contact me. Moreover, I have a spare Microsoft exam coupon which will be expired in end of Sept 2017; I can sell it to you in great discount, feel free to contact me.

Although I knew this cert did not have any benefit to my career path, it was just the responsibility of IT guy to update his knowledge as well as academic qualification. IT field updates very fast, and it is very hard for to trace the technology. Let’s keep on learning…

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十年前開始流行的的Project Management Professional (PMP) 和 PRINCE2 項目管理認證,現時有新的競爭者叫 Certified Scrum Master (CSM)認證,現已開始越來越多人留意了。

Scrum是一種新的項目管理的架構,通常為Agile (敏捷)方式的開發工具,而且通常用於軟件開發項目上。Agile/Scrum能夠處理複雜問題,將它們分拆,及優先考慮到單獨的任務中,然後將這些任務委託給最適合解決每個任務的專門團隊成員,所以它被認為較有效率。

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Agenda of FDA Inspection

Recently, FDA conducted audit to my company. FDA is known as Food and Drug Administration whereas US has FDA organization and China also has CFDA organization. Its official web site is

I would like to post their 3 days inspection agenda for your reference. To pass FDA audit is essential for export medical product; let’s well prepare for it.

Day 1
·         Introduction
·         Opening meeting.
·         Introduction/Presentation
·         Plant Overview (Warehouse, Manufacturing and Quality control areas).
·         Tour on facilities.
·         Quality Manual.
·         Company Organization Chart.
·         Document Control / Records.
·         Change Control of Documents
·         Human Resources (job description, hiring, training).
·         Quality System Management Review.
Day 2
·         Daily wrap up.
·         Environment Control (Clean rooms, ESD and other applicable).
·         Design Control / History File.
·         Risk Management.
·         Device Master Record (DMR).
·         Change Control of Projects.
·         CAPA.
·         Complaint Handling.
·         Field Actions / Recall.
·         Incoming Inspections.
·         Purchasing / Incoming Goods/Warehouse Activities.
Day 3
·         Daily wrap up.
·         Device History Record (DHR).
·         Internal Audits.
·         Validation Activities.
·         Non Conforming Product.
·         Quality control (in process and final inspections).
·         Packaging / labeling.
·         Handling / Distribution/ Shipping.
·         Final Release.
·         Identification and Traceability.
Day 4
·         Daily wrap up.
·         Calibration / Maintenance program.
·         Field service/Technical assistance.
·         Decontamination / Returned Products.
·         Housekeeping (Cleaning, pest control, building maintenance).
·         Statistical Techniques.
·         Pending Points.
·         Inspector’s findings Discussion.
·         Closing meeting.

HK-Shenzhen tech park in Lok Ma Chau Loop

Charles Mok e-Bulletin

The government announced this week that it will partner with Shenzhen to develop Lok Ma Chau loop into a innovation and technology park. While I agree that more land supply for R&D is positive, given the huge investment in infrastructure that our taxpayers will pay for, we have the responsibility to ask the right questions to make sure Hong Kong will get value for the deal and generate positive impact, not rely on empty promises — granting entry permit waiver for “verified” Shenzhen workers, criteria and requirements to the tenants in the park, strategic role that this massive project carries in relation to other planned R&D land use at new development areas in the New Territories.

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Hong Kong Tech Voucher now open for application

SMEs which operate in Hong Kong for at least one year can now apply to the Tech Voucher Programme (TVP). Subsidy up to $200,000 will be provided on a 2:1 matching basis. Funding areas under the voucher programme include: technology consultancy; purchase, rental or subscription of customised equipment or hardware, software and technological services or solutions.

Check out our info kit here and the official guidance note to know more about the TVP. I will closely monitor the implementation of the voucher programme and identify the areas for improvement. You are welcomed to write to me about any issues you see in the TVP.

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How to protect you against Android phone loss/theft

How to protect you against Android phone loss/theft

(1) At Android smartphone
1. Select “Settings” icon, then “Location and security”
2. Select “Device administration”
3. Enable “Android Device Manager”
(2) At PC
1. Go to
2. Login your Android related Gmail account
3. Now you can LOCATE, RING or LOCK your phone or ERASE your phone’s data in case of theft or loss.