Recommend Computer Room Temperature

What temperature is right?

General recommendations suggest that you should not go below 10°C (50°F) or above 28°C (82°F). Although this seems a wide range these are the extremes and it is far more common to keep the ambient temperature around 20-21°C (68-71°F). For a variety of reasons this can sometimes be a tall order.

How do you maintain the right temperature?

Purpose built server rooms are well insulated for fire precaution reasons and air conditioning is essential. In many companies however the maintenance of the air conditioning is separate from the running of the servers. If the air conditioning fails you might not be the first to know. You may even be the last.

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Common Feature of IT Service Management tool

Common Feature of IT Service Management Tool as below:

  • Fully configurable CMDB
  • HelpDesk and Incident Management
  • Service and Contract Management
  • Change Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Automatic SLA management
  • Automatic impact analysis
  • CSV import tool for all data
  • Consistency audit to check data quality
  • Data synchronization (data federation)

IT Routine Work Highlight

IT Routine Work

  • Check Daily Backup
  • Perform Monthly Backup for permanent storage at least 3 years
  • Check the archive and life email client database (.pst file which should not bigger too big, especially outlook 2003 or lower version .pst file should not larger than 2G size)
  • Perform Monthly Email Archive in outlook server
  • Check Backup of ERP system, and clean-up log file if necessary
  • Handle ERP, HR, Email, Share File System, CCTV, Printer, network and phone line routine support
  • Backup machine O/S, VMWare Machine Databases at least quarterly
  • Perform Off-Site Backup Storage
  • Reboot servers at least quarterly
  • New Staff computer preparation for email account creation, share-drive access right, printer, door access card, phone
  • Staff Exist Preparation for email transfer/deletion, backup computer data
  • Handle Ad-Hoc IT project

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Blacklist Email Delivery (邮箱不能发送邮件)

Section 1 Problem (邮箱不能发送邮件)

Do you experience the email delivery error which some emails cannot delivery to some mail addresses (but not all) ? The return error email message as below 5 examples.

>>>Error Message 1 Begin>>> 發生這個錯誤:
#5.7.1 Your access to submit messages to this e-mail system has been rejected.


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主旨: 规范发送邮件的收件者,减少不必要的邮件传递,防止收件人浪费收阅邮件的时间。



1。 显示名称
各自邮件的‘个人信息显示名称要填写,例如:王大明的 “Wang Daimin(王小明)”,英文姓的第一个字母为大写,英文名的第一个字母也为大写,姓与名之间加空格作为间隔,中文姓名写在括号内;致於公共邮箱而又是专人专用,应按公司标准格式,写上中英文姓名,若是多人共用的部门邮箱,亦应写上英文部门名称,及中文部门名称於括号内。

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