Integrate Django with Apache


As production run of a Django application, we can use tradition web server tools such as apache, IIS, etc. For example, I will show you to setup django running under apache as below.

Step 1 Install wsgi

Suppose you have already installed python, django, apache, then you need to install wsgi by running command:

sudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-wsgi

Step 2

Edit /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf as below:

<VirtualHost *:80>
        #ServerAllas www.localhost

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Setup a Survey Web Site with Python & Django


This document shows how to setup a survey web site using python 2.7 and django 1.4. We do not need to use web server software such as IIS or Apache while python can start web server service itself. This survey web site can run under window and linux env provide that it has python. I will show its setup steps as below.

Step 1.

Download the program source code “” from web site and unzip it to a computer with python 2.7.

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Comparison Video Conference Software (WebEx, TrueConf, AnyMeeting, GoToWebinar, Skype)


I compared several web base webinars and video conference tools, anymeeting, GoToWebinar, Webex, TrueConf, Skype, with their screen dump example as below.


I tested WebEx between HK & PRC, which we can have meeting with video, audio, screen sharing. However, the video display is not stable as below screen dump because of low bandwidth.

I found another VC Tools, called TrueConf from . I tested its performance of cam video, voice, share picture file between HK & PRC, and I found it was better than WebEx on Cam display because it will not show a blank screen while it display a Cam picture during low bandwidth network. However, when sharing desktop, its screen was bad.

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