VPN Server Setup for Raspberry Pi


Raspberry Pi can be used as a VPN server to allow users to setup a secure tunnel from a remote client to the local network. Once a VPN tunnel is established between the Raspberry Pi and the client device, such as laptop, mobile device, ipad, itab, etc; if the port forward of router and access right is setup probably, then, the device can be accessed from local network or vice verse. I can successfully use pttpd software to setup VPN feature, and I will explain the setup step in the following.

Step 1. To make the latest update of the System:

$ sudo apt-get update

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Secure Hardening a Raspberry Pi Server


Raspberry Pi is a low cost, high power and small size Linux Server or Computer. I foresee that it will become very popular in future, especially using in automatic controller aspect which is the next generation of computer world. An important topic for setup a raspberry pi server is about server hardening, which we have better setup a security server before explore it to www. I will introduce you the step by step security setup of Raspberry Pi which is installed with NOOBS O/S in the following.

1. Initialize Setup Right After Installed NOOBS

Run the following command when first time successfully install and startup the NOOBS O/S:

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Installation of Raspberry Pi Camera


Raspberry pi computer can be connected to a camera to take picture and video. We can use it as a CCTV to monitor facility and environment. In the following, we will talk about how to setup a camera in raspberry pi step by step.

Step 1: Connect the Camera to Raspberry Pi as above picture, and enable the camera via raspi-config

Step 2: Capture Picture Command

$ raspistill -o image.jpg

Step 3: Capture Video Command

$ raspivid -o 5sec-video.h264

$ raspivid -o 10sec-video.h264 -t 10000

Note:  You can’t view anything over VNC, and obviously you can’t do it via a ssh terminal. You need to be viewing the Pi directly over hdmi.

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Step by Step Installation of Raspberry Pi


Recently, I bought a Raspberry Pi 2 B as my Christmas gift myself. Ha..Ha… It is a Good Stuff… Raspberry Pi is a very low cost Linux computer with pocket size. However, it is very powerful, and you can use it as a calculation processor, web hosting computer, network router, micro-controller for automatically, etc.Attractive… Right … To provide you information to start to use it, I would like to explain its installation as below. Hope it is help to you. If you are interested in it, feel free to check more information from amazon link click –> <<here>> .

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