Video Conference Device Comparsion between Polycom Vs Tandberg

Bandwidth Optimization – Polycom can send 720HD at lower speeds but Tandberg can send more than CIF\4CIF\720\1080, which I’ll take that over the lower HD speeds any day.
Central Admin – Tandbery is great for admin (if you have several hundred end-point, you definitely choose Tandbery. Polycom was beta and their provisioning wasn’t ready yet.
End User Usability – This is real close and I give favor to Polycom.
Reliability/Maintenance – I once had some one tell me Polycom is like Mircosoft and Tandberg is like Cisco. Polycom looks good but has bugs while Tandberg might not be as flashy but is rock solid. I’d pick Tandberg.
Cost – if you could compare apples to apples they’d be close but looking at just the bottom line Polycom is the winner.

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Diary of IT Guy in Factory – poor Dongguan beggar

When I go and return from China factory and pass across the china border, I always see some poor beggers on street. Most are disabled, e.g. without arm or leg, I know that this kind of disabled is human-made. Those beggers was controlled and forced by bad guys. They are living in a very very poor life. Please China Government help those beggers.


Odoo System Schedule Backup and Restore Database Setup

This module will be work internally as command line interface (for Linux only) through linux crontab to backup and restore database.

  1. Backup database
  2. Restore as database _TEST
  3. Update image (i.e., with test logo) to _TEST

Just install this module, and it should work. Setup schedule time as you need it. Note: Itself, can also be used as scheduler instead of normal scheduler in OpenERP (you will see this backup and restore as one example).


  • Add, Modify, Delete schedule
  • Direct process through command line interface

Setup Procedure

Menu -> Setting/Technical/Scheduler/Crontab Configuration


Crontab Name – name of crontab

Description – more information

Scheduling – crontab scheduling

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