WatchGuard Firewall 515 Setup – Screen Dump Example

Recently, I purchased a WatchGuard XTM515 Firewall for our company usage. Its price is lower than CISCO and Juniper, but higher than Zyxel and Huawei. So far, WatchGuard is very stable and easy to use. I configured it as the following screen dump for your reference. As a conclusion, I will recommend WatchGuard XTM515 Firewall you.

My Network Port Connection:

  1. Port # 0  for management console
  2. Port # 1  for internal network LAN connection
  3. Port # 5 & 6 for external broadband WAN connection

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Procedure to create hyperlink in WordPress

Procedure to create a hyperlink of a word or phase for your post or page in WordPress:

step 1) highlight the word or phase in your post or page,

step 2) click “Insert/edit link” button in tool bar,

step 3) type-in the URL/Title and click/unclick the “Open Link in a new window/tab” (this is the choice for open link in new screen or original screen),

step 4) confirm by pressing the “Add Link” button.

Note: you can delete the hyperlink by click the “Remove link” button in tool bar.

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