IT Security Operation Checklist


The IT Security Operation Checklist provides guidelines for IT professionals to perform the daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance and administrative tasks required to keep your infrastructure components and application systems performing optimally. In addition, a checklist is available to help IT to prepare for disaster recovery efforts,  and it helps to keep an IT system operation smoothly. The checklist divides into three sections: 1) IT Infrastructure Components Security Operation Schedule, 2) Servers Backup Operation Log, 3) MFGPRO ERP Operation Log. Take reference to the following checklists as a sample, or adapt them to suit your company’s specific needs.

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The presence of unsecured or mis-configured modems attached to computers on the network can undermine a well thought-out security plan. Persons unaware of the risks may set up modems on their computers that can be accessed with either non password or an easily guessed password. These modems are then vulnerable to computer criminals who “war dial,” or call numbers systematically until they find a phone number that connects to an unsecured dialup.

If a computer with an unsecured modem is connected to our network, anyone with a little computer skill and malicious intent can use that unsecured modem as a “back door” into our network. Firewalls don’t protect a network against this type of attack because the intruder comes in over phone lines, rather than over the Internet, bypassing firewalls.

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Oracle Password Management Policy

1        Introduction

1.1        Purpose

Company guidelines for managing passwords define the password security policy. In so doing, all personnel are responsible for maintaining good password practices in their systems.

The purpose of this document is to describe how the password management policy can be introduced and maintained in an Oracle database environment.

IDS Setup and Operations

1      Abstract

This document covers the operation of a distributed intrusion detection system.
This manual contains the following:
Chapter 2 Intrusion Detection Procedure
A short introduction to Intrusion detection technology, the procedure around the operations, and follow-up action regarding how to record and keep trace the incident.
Chapter 3 Intrusion Detection
This chapter describes the principles and working of an Intrusion Detection system.
Chapter 4 Component Description
This chapter describes the setup of the different components used in the secure setup.
The central management server will be responsible for the management of all the components.
Chapter 5 Network Setup
The network setup describes how the different components can be placed securely in a site’s network. This is done with centralized management, log consolidation and secure communications between the systems.
Chapter 6 Snort: -Installation, Configuration and Maintenance
This chapter describes the initial installation and configuration and the periodic maintenance.
Chapter 7 Analysis of the results
Analysis of the results obtained through the different IDS sensors have to be analyzed to be useful for the site. This chapter describes the usage of the Analysis Console for Intrusion Databases (ACID)
Chapter 8 Conclusion
This chapter contains the final conclusions of this paper.

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