The General Business Principles

Underpinning the company commitment to responsible corporate citizenship and the pursuit of a sustainable future – economic, social and environmental – the General Business Principles set out guiding principles on integrity and ethics in business conduct. They govern The company’ business decisions and actions throughout the world and apply equally to corporate actions and to the behavior of individual employees in conducting the company business. They are subject to applicable laws.
The General Business Principles are not all-encompassing, but formulate minimum requirements of behavior. They leave product divisions and country management free to specify further local rules of business conduct. To drive the practical deployment of the General Business Principles, a set of GBP Directives have been published, which are applicable to all employees. There are also separate Directives, which apply to specific categories of employees, such as the Financial Code of Ethics and the Purchasing Code of Ethics. The GBP Directives and the category-specific Directives form an integral part of the General Business Principles (jointly be referred to as ‘GBP’). The General Business Principles, which have been adopted by the Board of Management and approved by its Supervisory Board, are reviewed on a regular basis and revised if necessary.

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爲鞏固公司作爲一家負責任的企業公民以及在經濟、社會及環境方面追求持續發展的承諾,本總體經營原則闡明了在經營行爲上誠實正直、合乎道德的指導原則。它控制全球公司的經營決定和行爲,也同樣適用于監督集團行爲和經營活動中員工的個人行爲。本原則應依從當地國家適用的法律。本總體經營原則並非涵蓋全部,而僅制定了最基本的行爲要求。這些原則讓各産品部門和地區管理層自由確定更詳細的地方經營行爲規則。爲推動總體經營原則的實際實施,已發行了一套GBP指導(GBP Directives),適用於全體員工。還有適用于特殊類別人員的分別指導,例如:財務人員道德守則(Financial Code of Ethics)及採購人員道德守則(Purchasing Code of Ethics)。GBP指導和特殊類別指導是總體經營原則的一部分(合稱“GBP”)。本總體經營原則由管理層通過並由監示會批准,定期審核並在需要時作出修改。

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