Vulnerability Scanning and Correction Procedure

1.        Purpose

The development of Internet technology has originated a surge of new application solutions to improve business practices in corporations. This technology has allowed companies to be more competitive on a global scale and changed the way people do business.However, as businesses worldwide place increasing reliance on interconnected systems and electronic data, the risks of fraud, inappropriate disclosure of sensitive data, and disruption of critical operations and services increase. The same factors that benefit business operations also make it possible for individuals and organizations to inexpensively interfere with or eavesdrop on these operations from remote locations for purposes of fraud or sabotage, or other mischievous or malicious purposes.

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1.        Purpose

The company Network Device Configuration Procedure aims at establishing a standard guideline for network administrators in managing network devices. More specifically, this procedure provides a step-by-step guide to (1) configuring a network device, (2) Installing a new security patch (i.e. firmware upgrade) on a network device, and (3) monitoring (malicious) network activity.