IT Strategies and Roadmaps Document

1.        Introduction

Strategies and roadmaps direct involved people towards their longer-term goals and business objectives. The purpose of this IT Strategy and Roadmap document is to achieve just this; to ensure that members of the IT organization head towards clearly defined business goals, through shared vision and approach. A necessary common vision (or rather the lack of it) has been highlighted in several feedback sessions and team meetings. The importance of this document for the IT organization should therefore not underestimated. Chapter two and three specify the scope and owner of this document, respectively. Chapter four elaborates the strategic direction currently applicable to our organization, in which compliance with PD directives is emphasized. Chapter five explains the current application portfolio and highlights changes and trends. Chapter six and seven elaborate automation, information, and project plans. Chapter eight provides an overview of our IT organization. Chapter nine shows our current resource situation with special emphasis on the resource constraints. Chapter ten highlights the plan of training and “upgrading” current employees in order to achieve our business objectives. Chapter eleven, lastly, provides an overview of operational policies and guidelines for our IT organization. 

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