SMEs which operate in Hong Kong for at least one year can now apply to the Tech Voucher Programme (TVP). Subsidy up to $200,000 will be provided on a 2:1 matching basis. Funding areas under the voucher programme include: technology consultancy; purchase, rental or subscription of customised equipment or hardware, software and technological services or solutions.

Check out our info kit here and the official guidance note to know more about the TVP. I will closely monitor the implementation of the voucher programme and identify the areas for improvement. You are welcomed to write to me about any issues you see in the TVP.

Policy proposals to the government

The government is soliciting views on the 2017 Policy Address and 2017-2018 Budget and each year I will submit to the government a list of policy and funding proposals to elevate the sector growth and push forward the innovation and technology development in Hong Kong.

I have submitted a proposal comprising 20 key recommendations on 10 areas, including: IT Talents And Employment Support Programme to foster partnership between IT businesses and universities to train more IT specialists; $1-billion InnoTech Studies Fund; establishing Technology and Law Reform Committee, InnoTech & Economic Transformation Working Group; creating Startups Accreditation Programme, Digital Marketplace Trial to help startups and SMEs win projects; overhauling the STEM education; establishing a Smart City Sandbox for innovative developments; increasing land supply for technology development and more. Your views are appreciated.


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