In order to achieve the company’s staff of scientific management in order to protect the production and operation, working and living a normal order, optimize the effective protection of staff, efficient and pragmatic work, employees must comply with state and local laws and regulations, take good care of public property, study and master Job skills needed, solidarity and cooperation, work to complete the task. Improve their own self-cultivation, so that honest and trustworthy, to enhance ownership and maintenance of honor company and ensure the achievement of corporate goals, in the spirit of open, fair and just principles to introduce the code: 1、  每个员工都要有一颗感恩的心,感恩这个社会,政府让我们有了这样一个安定的社会环境,感恩我们的父母把我们养育长大成人,感恩公司给我们一个工作与发展的平台。

1, each employee must have a heart of Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving society, the Government let us have a stable social environment, thanks to our parents to bring up our grown-up, thanks to the companies we work with a development platform .

2、  每个公司员工要团结友爱、相互尊重、相互关怀,同事间要通力合作、和睦相处。言行要诚实、廉洁、勤勉。

2, each of the employees to solidarity, mutual respect, mutual care between colleagues to work together, live together in peace. Words and deeds to be honest, fair and diligent.


3, each of the employees to the company’s wood-care companies and other production materials, including intangible assets. Not detrimental to the interests of any company, not do anything harmful to the interests of the company anything.

4、  公司员工严禁参与赌博、严禁嫖娼。

4, is strictly prohibited employees involved in gambling, prostitution is strictly prohibited.

5、  公司员工严禁凶酒、打架斗殴。

5, employees of liquor is strictly prohibited fierce assault.


6, the staff of the higher leadership entrusted to the work of the shelf in a timely manner, the amount of security, are not allowed to shift responsibility onto others, pressure, so orders.


7, to work on time and strictly in accordance with the implementation of the company’s performance appraisal system.

8、  坚决服从上级领导,立足本职,明确本位职责,恪尽职守。如对领导的指令和工作有不同见解,应婉转相告或进行书面陈述,书面材料交厂办,一经厂办明确,应立即遵照执行,不得有抵触情绪。

8, resolutely obey their superiors, based on their own, specific role-based, scrupulously fulfill your duties. If the leadership of the command and work in different ways to say so tactfully or written statements, written materials submitted do plant, a factory run by the clear and immediate compliance, no resistance.


9, drawing information on ownership of the design is limited to the Company, a member of the company shall not be infringed in any way, copying, imitation (including the illegal sale of plants and renewable), or else the company will be sued and held liable.


10, working hours are not allowed to absent from duty, as needed to leave, and must submit a written application for a certificate, the company written permission before leaving the post.


11, Company regional office and warehouse and other places, non-permission of the department staff are not free in and out.


12, employees from work when the last employee to leave the region should work to close the office, shop lights, fans, machinery and so on, or else will be found to give a fine deal.


13, employees in the production process, as a result of its damage improper operation of the product price as all compensation and fines.


14, the staff asked to resign or fire employees, with the exception of disciplinary violations, the law of the reasons for immediate dismissal, the other should be one month in advance written notice to the other side, and run the file to the letter, property, information technology, such as the clean-up Transition, leaving the post that day may not receive wage settlement, the company must pay on receipt of unity.


15, the property company for the Prevention of Cruelty to eliminate waste, not to public office for private gain, the company without a permit may not use or production company resources for private business dry, non-job as a result of the need not to use private companies or public property expenditure of public funds.


16, it is necessary to maintain normal working order, may not make much noise in the place of production or the way of people doing the work of the matter is strictly prohibited workshop in a row.


17, to keep the attention of the district office, production area clean and environmental health in the workplace must not neglect to delay the beginning of time. Concentrate on working hours, and can not do their own thing has nothing to do, such as: snacks, magazines and newspapers do, make personal phone calls, and so on.


18, no-leak company secrets, damage the interests of the company, in serious cases will be held criminally responsible.


19, unauthorized company documents, data, pictures, pictures can not be taken away from the company, employees can not access workshop with the parcel, the parcel must be kept in the company of the provisions of their own items stored in the box.


20, it is necessary to establish a high sense of responsibility and sense of justice, mutual supervision of their work and make progress together. On the bad, in fact clear evidence in a timely manner on the basis of the report to higher authorities, to report on the merits, and awards to be confidential.


21, all employees must understand that only keep making progress, work hard to get the individual to improve the treatment and realize the value of their own for the company, in order to create greater wealth.



We are a progressive group, which is a hard group. You dream of flying here, the cause of your success here, you create value, we will give you an understanding and concern and is willing to joint efforts in exchange for the joy of success. Quality to survive in order to seek effective management so as to the credibility and development.



If there is a breach of the Code, in accordance with the relevant system of punishment.