Wanna Cry 勒索病毒


香港微軟官方最新消息 (13/5 11:59pm)

Microsoft掌握到這個勒索軟件 “WannaCrypt” 和網路攻擊已經影響數個區域的不同行業。我們的安全團隊已迅速採取行動來保護我們的客戶,並已經增修最新偵測與防護功能以避免新的勒索軟件威脅(例如: 知名病毒軟件:Win32.WannaCrypt.) 。

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Agenda of FDA Inspection

Recently, FDA conducted audit to my company. FDA is known as Food and Drug Administration whereas US has FDA organization and China also has CFDA organization. Its official web site is https://www.fda.gov.

I would like to post their 3 days inspection agenda for your reference. To pass FDA audit is essential for export medical product; let’s well prepare for it.

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Difference for moving AP/AR transaction to history mode in Great Plain/Dynamic system

In Receivables module, a AR transaction document is moved to ‘history’ status when the said document is fully applied and then the Paid Transaction Removal (PTR) routine is processed (i.e. run “Paid Transaction Removal” Option under “Routines”). It is different from AP, whereas In Payables module, a document is auto moved to ‘history’ status when the said document is fully applied.

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HK-Shenzhen tech park in Lok Ma Chau Loop

Charles Mok e-Bulletin

The government announced this week that it will partner with Shenzhen to develop Lok Ma Chau loop into a innovation and technology park. While I agree that more land supply for R&D is positive, given the huge investment in infrastructure that our taxpayers will pay for, we have the responsibility to ask the right questions to make sure Hong Kong will get value for the deal and generate positive impact, not rely on empty promises — granting entry permit waiver for “verified” Shenzhen workers, criteria and requirements to the tenants in the park, strategic role that this massive project carries in relation to other planned R&D land use at new development areas in the New Territories.

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